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what is The Best Industrial Flooring System – Durable Flooring Specialists for over 30 years of experience

Factories Flooring Experts

We are a family company of civil engineers, architects, surveyors, and chemical engineers based in London with three decades of experience specifying and installing heavy-duty polished concrete floors and industrial epoxy & resin flooring to the highest standards.

Long-lasting and Cost Effective Flooring for Industrial Facilities

We design and construct a bespoke flooring solution for every floor considering the applied loads and usage of the space. We aim for installing sustainable floors that last the most possible and we guarantee our work from 5 to 25 years depending on the product/service provided. We find opportunities to reduce waste and maximise our work quality and efficiency. We keep our valued clients informed and updated on their projects. Throughout the job, our staff will always be on hand to clarify any questions you may have.

Why work with Delta ProFloor?

  • Over 30 Years’ Experience
  • Specialized in durable flooring systems
  • HSE commitment
  • Start in short notice
  • Competitive Rates and High Money Value
  • Lifelong Results and Up to 25 Years Guarantee
  • Market-leading innovator
  • Certified contractor
  • Our clients: Big Global Brands

We are Industrial Flooring Specialists

Anything we sell, from our polished concrete factory floors and epoxy floor coverings to our resin floor coverings and finishes, is designed and installed by one of our highly trained and certified professionals. We understand that the industry sector is a busy environment with ongoing operations. And it’s vital to get a durable floor to sustain your productivity. Also, we understand that you need to have your floor maintenance in your planned shutdown. We are ready to be your industrial flooring contractor and professionally provide you with your needs. We work to get your flooring ready for use as swiftly and efficiently as we can, not only to the standards, but also to the functionality that you deserve and that will work best for your place.

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Making the Right Choice 👌

Delta ProFloor UK is the nationwide leader in installing flooring solutions for industrial, commercial, retail and residential customers. We work closely with you to determine the needs of your space and design a flooring solution that is tailored to your company’s needs. We are fully aware of the regulatory and industrial standards in place across the UK and ensure full compliance with those standards. We are proud of achieving lots of bespoke iconic polished concrete floors in London. Our work is noted for its quality and durability, and we are respected for our unique ability to respond and install industrial floors on short notice. Our teams of trained and well-equipped installers are available to work during holiday periods when facilities are in a planned shutdown period.

When it is time to think about a new flooring system for your facility, call Delta ProFloor UK 02081068999. We are a trusted and respected contractor that specializes in the custom design and installation of industrial floors for industrial facilities. We guarantee that we will provide the right floor for your needs.

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