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Mapei ultratop loft microcement

Living the house, receiving and hosting. In minimal and contemporary environments, elegant and prestigious. Which are also suitable for working.

Customized and unique solutions in line with the trends of contemporary living, with high design and composition potential linked to the use of color, to the possibility of realizing materic and color continuity between floor and wall.

It is possible to give continuity not only to the floors, but also to architectural elements such as wallsstairs, counter tops and steps. Continuity which is then renewed through a dialogue between interiors and exteriors.

Concrete surfaces represent an original opportunity for simplicity and speed of application combined with high mechanical and abrasion resistance typical of industrial materials and duration over time.

It has a minimum thickness that allows to renew the environment saving very expensive total renovation and offers reduced maintenance.

Solutions for endless applications

This coating product, due to its ease of use, versatility and resistance, is ideal for creating floors subject to heavy foot traffic, such as shops, restaurants, halls, private residences, cafes, hotels, exhibition halls and, general, in all environments related to the decorative sector of civil constructions.

Technical features and advantages

Ultratop Loft is the best proposal on the market to renew horizontal or vertical surfaces with a minimum thickness. It is used in new buildings, on fresh screeds and newly-made plasters, but it is extremely successful in renovations where it is necessary to renew pre-existing concrete supports, which present planarity problems, small holes or cracks, or on existing tiles.

You can renovate walls and floors with endless customizations. Solutions designed for modern and refined environments. matte, glossy or satin, with spatula or mottled effect finish.

Ultratop Loft is easy and quick to apply, as it is not necessary to remove existing tiles. Highly appreciated for renovating kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The surface continuity and the leaks absence promote hygiene and cleanliness.

The spaces appear to be wider, and the obtained effects with the more intense neutral shades become a real furnishing complement.

Ultratop Loft is available, in 2 granulometry, with a white base or a natural base

  • Ultratop Loft F, cement paste spreadable coarse-grained
  • Ultratop Loft W, cement paste with a finer granulometry

Ultratop Loft can be mixed with Ultratop Color Paste, available in 5 colors: brown, black, red, yellow and blue.


– For all types of surface: horizontal, vertical and ceilings

– Trowelled or mottled effects, monochromatic or tone on tone

– High strength and resistance and abrasion

– Suitable for residential surroundings and commercial areas with intense foot traffic

– For repairing existing surfaces and creating new coatings

– Resistant to UV rays

– Pleasant to the touch

– Texture with materic/creative effect

– Easy to clean

– Essential, modern, sober

– Easy maintenance

– Wide range of colours

– Iconic Look and unity of interior

– Suitable for floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture, exteriors and swimming pools

– No more tiles. No more joints

– Wide range of colours


Some examples below:

The tone of each colour will change, depending on the amount of Ultratop Color Paste added to the white or natural base colours. Shown colours should be taken as merely indicative of the shades of the actual product.

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Making the Right Choice 👌

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