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Epoxy Coat/Paint

Epoxy Coat/Paint

This flooring system is designed to provide superior functional and decorative properties, high chemical resistance and mechanical strength, good durability, and adhesion to protect the substrate from wear, chemical attack, stains, mechanical stress and bacteria formation.

Epoxy was first used in the early 1950s for concrete restoration. Over the last couple of decades, epoxy painted floors have hit the mainstream consciousness and have become a preferred coating for residential garages.

Delta Profloor UK is a certified epoxy applicator. Our epoxy flooring system is two component, 100% coating which contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compound), solvents, harmful fumes, or odors.


  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food processing
  • Garages
  • Sterilized Areas
  • Operation rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical facilities
  • Hygienic Areas


  • Hygienic, controls dust and easy to clean floor.
  • Non-toxic, non hazardous and solvent free.
  • Mechanically bonds to properly prepared floors for a hard and abrasion resistant seamless coating.
  • Good chemical resistance to industrial chemicals and oils.
  • Anti-slip surface for added safety in wet areas.
  • Light reflectance enhances lighting.
  • Fast application minimizes downtime.
  • Decorative; available in a wide range of colors to enhance the working environment.

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Scope of work

  1. Surface preparation: Using mechanical diamond grinder,irregularities, tile glaze, and surface contamination shall be removed; all debris and dust shall be thoroughly sucked by vacuum. Surface humidity shall be checked prior to commencement.
  2. Priming: One layer using solvent-free, low viscosity, two-component epoxy primer ARALDITE 1092
  3. Smoothing: Two layers of epoxy putty.
  4. Coating: Two layers of epoxy with the favorable color and finishing according to specification.

Making the Right Choice

Delta ProFloor UK is across the nation’s head in giving flooring solutions for industrial clients. We work intimately with you to decide the necessities of your floor space and determine a flooring solution that is custom-fitted to your operation’s needs. Our work is noted for its durability and quality at competitive prices. Our teams of trained and well-equipped executors are ready to work during occasional periods when facilities are in an arranged shutdown period.

When the time has come to consider another flooring solution for your facility, Call Delta ProFloor UK.

We ensure that we will give the correct floor to your needs. We are completely aware of the regulatory and industrial standards set up over the UK and guarantee full consistence with those standards.

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