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ProFloor’s Solid polishing system offers an matt look, attractive, smooth, uniform appearance with little to no exposed aggregate that is created by very little mechanical diamond grinding and polishing process along with chemical nano hardener that removes very little to none of the concrete cream surface, hardens, and refines the concrete floor. ​​

Advantages of ProFloorTM 200 service:

  1. High resistance to wear, abrasion, impact and dusting.
  2. Green; materials and method are harmless to environment.
  3. Long lasting; nothing to peal out and does not require re-painting.
  4. No tire marks or oil stains.
  5. Fire resistant; does not burn or produce fume.
  6. Flat surface; sound absorbing and decreases vibration in forklifts.
  7. Attractive appearance; matt look and available in many colors and textures.
  8. Cleaning needs soap and water harmless to the environment.
  9. No need for shut down during application.
  10. Reduces stress on electronic components caused by electrostatic discharge.

Scope of work

  1. All concrete laitance, floor covering materials, old floor coatings, oil and grease shall be removed.
  2. Diamond sensitive grinding shall continue to achieve calibrated, even floor level.
  3. Impregnating nano concrete hardener is then applied.
  4. Once the hardener has densified the surface, diamond polishing steps are performed until a matt finish is achieved.

The appearance results in a matte look, which enhances the natural grey tones of the concrete, ideally suited for outdoor areas and for warehouses and shops where owners may have concerns about durability and cost-efficiency.

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Image result for Ecological symbolEcological            Related imageEnhanced working environments

Materials and methods are harmless            Sound absorbing. Flat surface decreases the vibrations that appear in 
to the environment. The cleaning needs       forklifts. Reduces stress on electronic components caused by 
soap and water harmless to the                     electrostatic discharge.

Image result for Economical sterling symbolEconomical          Image result for star symbol Great aesthetics

Long-lasting – nothing to peal out.                  No stains from tire marks and oils. High resistance to wear,
Requires no re-painting.                                    abrasion, heat, and dusting. Available in many colors and stains.

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