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Epoxy Anti-static and dissipative

Epoxy Anti-static and dissipative

Selecting the right industrial flooring for your needs can be a complicated undertaking. Besides the obvious considerations of colour and material, there may be specific performance requirements to take into account, particularly when the area may be used for highly sensitive operations such as healthcare or delicate manufacturing processes.

For a wide range of industries, one critical consideration is whether a floor needs to be anti-static. Determining that answer is just the first step: if you need anti-static flooring, you also need to know the types available, the benefits and the options to consider when choosing an anti-static floor provider.

What Is Anti-Static Flooring?

Anti-static industrial floors inhibit the generation of electrostatic discharge or ESD, which is the pulse of static electricity that happens when a charged person or surface comes into contact with another object. The discharge may be visible as a spark or tiny blue bolt of electricity, although the majority of static electricity is not usually apparent.

We commonly refer to ESD as ‘getting a shock’ off an object or person, and in most instances the static discharge is harmless, even if it hurts slightly when it occurs. In certain environments, however, an electrostatic discharge can be highly dangerous and potentially even catastrophic. In those cases, installing anti-static flooring is an essential step in creating a safe environment for workers and visitors.

Delta Profloor UK is a certified epoxy applicator. Our epoxy flooring system is two component, 100% coating which contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compound), solvents, harmful fumes, or odors.

This flooring system is designed to provide superior functional and decorative properties, high chemical resistance and mechanical strength, good durability, and adhesion to protect the substrate from wear, chemical attack, stains, mechanical stress and bacteria formation.


  • Chemical manufacturers and processors, as well as any businesses that may use flammable chemicals or materials in their operations, need to create static-free work environments to avoid igniting chemicals, fumes or even microscopic flammable particles.
  • Electrostatic discharge can render sensitive electronic components useless, so organisations involved in the production or assembly of semiconductors or electronic goods need anti-static floors.
  • Laboratories


  • Safety precaution
  • Mechanically bonds to properly prepared floors for a hard and abrasion resistant seamless coating.
  • High degree of chemical, oil and gas resistance.
  • Controls dust and is easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Anti-slip surface for added safety in wet areas.
  • High light reflectance enhances lighting.
  • Available in virtually any color and a variety of textures.

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Making the Right Choice 👌

Delta ProFloor UK is the nationwide leader in installing flooring solutions for industrial, commercial, retail and residential customers. We work closely with you to determine the needs of your space and design a flooring solution that is tailored to your company’s needs. We are fully aware of the regulatory and industrial standards in place across the UK and ensure full compliance with those standards. We are proud of achieving lots of bespoke iconic polished concrete floors in London. Our work is noted for its quality and durability, and we are respected for our unique ability to respond and install industrial floors on short notice. Our teams of trained and well-equipped installers are available to work during holiday periods when facilities are in a planned shutdown period.

When it is time to think about a new flooring system for your facility, call Delta ProFloor UK 02081068999. We are a trusted and respected contractor that specializes in the custom design and installation of industrial floors for industrial facilities. We guarantee that we will provide the right floor for your needs.

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