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How to install POLISHED CONCRETE FLOOR and What to Consider When SPECIFYING It in Your Projects

Polished concrete floor is a flexible product that is easily adjustable in appearance, providing a sense of modern elegance in both homes and commercial buildings using beautiful aggregates, quartz, and colours. Under light, the polished concrete reflective surface produces an evocative consistency that can be fitting for a number of programmes. 

Though still primarily used as iconic durable flooring system, architects have for years stretched the boundaries of polished concrete, using it for feature walls, patio floors, and even large exterior panels, such as in the extension to the Saint Louis Art Museum by David Chipperfield.

Polished concrete floor can be installed in a number of ways, first from least expensive burnished concrete to “grind, densify, polish and seal” technique, which creates a reflective surface using a penetrating sealer. Mechanically diamond polished concrete, as it is long-lasting and much more durable under heavy traffic, is the product usually utilised in industrial and commercial projects. By pouring a chemical concrete hardener that densifies the porous concrete, the polished concrete floor is starting to develop and then grinding it to the gloss and smoothness preferred. The concrete floor can be ground to 800, 1500 or 3000 grit levels using a set of progressively fine polishing tools. A further concern is the “exposure level” of the polished concrete floor, that is, the portion of the original surface that is grounded away and therefore how much is exposed to the aggregate material.

How simple it is to maintain is one of the primary selling points of the polished concrete floor. Its hard surface, smooth makes it simple to clean, and also durable and difficult to damage. While concrete floor can be vulnerable to cracking from moistureand building settling, these cracks can be covered by cosmetics patching materials.

Polished concrete floor is so versatile and can be personalised due to the possibility of using the concrete itself in a variety of finishes and various aggregates and cement shades. This can be desinged to mimic various materials such as stones and ceramic tiles while being more durable and lower-maintenance. There is two ways to colour the polished concrete floor. Cdolours are either mixed into the concrete mix or sprayed afterwards with stain,ye or waterproof paint. During the setting of the concrete, designs may also be etched into the surface to produce a faux tile effect.

Regarding sustainability, Profloor polished concrete floor can be recognised as a green material because it uses the current concrete floor slab without the use of any additional material. The polished concrete floor also acts as a powerful thermal mass, retaining heat in winter and maintaining cold in summer. Depending on the required refinement of the polished concrete floor finish, cost-wise, polished concrete has a broad price range and can suit every budget. Profloor polished concrete is definitely more cost-effective than other flooring solutions because of its proven long life and low maintenance.

Some examples of how polished concrete has been used effectively in architectural projects are provided below:

Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete Floor

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