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Our Factory Epoxy Floor Long-Lasting SECRET

Industrial Epoxy Resin Floor Key Differences
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Few flooring systems are up to the challenges of a factory setting. Your factory floor may face intense oils, forklift traffic, and heavy loads on a daily basis. Which cause a build-up of debris and intense wearing and cracks too. The epoxy/ cementitious overlays moreover in more severe conditions the main concrete substrate. Industrial Epoxy Resin Floor Key Differences

The factory epoxy flooring solutions give your factory a seamless, safe, and low-maintenance floor. That holds up against even the harshest conditions.


Our Factory Epoxy Long-Lasting SECRET is Mechanical & Chemical Adhesion method

To ensure a long-lasting floor system, our factory-trained epoxy floor installers start by preparing. Your concrete substrate with repairs and diamond mechanical grinding that removes all built-up layers and profiles. The concrete with micro rough texture ensures that the epoxy is deep penetrate millions of micro roots inside the concrete layer. Once applied, epoxy resin reacts chemically and cures into an incredibly durable plastic coating that bonds mechanically and chemically to the concrete.

  1. Promotes a Safe and Productive Work Environment
  2. Easy to Clean and Maintain
  3. Withstands Heavy Abuse
  4. We can work around your schedule

When the time has come to consider a flooring solution for your facility, Call Delta ProFloor UK

Making the Right Choice 

Delta ProFloor UK is the nationwide leader in installing flooring solutions for industrial, commercial, retail and residential customers. We work closely with you to determine the needs of your space and design a flooring solution that is tailor to your company’s needs. Delta pro floor is fully aware of the regulatory and industrial standards in place across the UK and ensures full compliance with those standards. We are proud of achieving lots of bespoke iconic polished concrete and epoxy floors in the UK. Our work is noted for its quality and durability, and we are respected for our unique ability to respond and install industrial floors on short notice. Our teams of trained and well-equipped installers are available to work during holiday periods when facilities are in a planned shutdown period.

When it is time to think about a new flooring system for your facility, call Delta ProFloor UK 02081068999. We are a trusted and respected contractor that specializes in the custom design and installation of industrial floors for industrial facilities. We guarantee that we will provide the right floor for your needs.

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