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Rapid Set® TRU® Self-leveling

Rapid Set® TRU® Self-leveling

self-leveling overlay is a blend of special cements, fine aggregate, polymer and superplasticizer designed to go down in a thin, durable, smooth layer hard enough to be used as a wear surface that doesn’t require covering by another flooring material.

Polished Concrete:  One of the prerequisites for a great outcome to a polished concrete flooring project is that it begin with a concrete slab that is as flat as possible.  Otherwise, as the concrete slab is ground during the repeated steps of the concrete polishing process, alternating areas of fine and coarse aggregate, immediately adjacent to one another, become exposed due to the undulating peaks and valleys across a concrete floor.  Ordinary concrete, unless it is placed “super-flat”, with the assistance of a “laser screed”, is not flat enough.  However, self-leveling cement overlays, at a depth of only ⅜” or ½”, easily make existing concrete sufficiently flat for polishing.  If aggregate exposure is desired in the final polished concrete finish, small to medium size aggregates can be added to the overlay material during mixing.

Two main reasons self-leveling overlays have become such an ideal option for decorative concrete are:  they produce a glass smooth finish with no trowel marks; and unlike concrete, they can be manufactured, cost-effectively, with “white cement” so as to produce more vibrant colors when using acid stains, dyes or integral pigments.

Delta Profloor UK is a certified CTS RAPID SET applicator.



  • DECORATIVE, designed specifically for polishing and decorative flooring applications
  • VERSATILE, use as a topping, resurfacer or underlayment, incorporate integral colors and aggregates to create numerous design possibilities.
  • FAST TRACK, foot traffic in 2-3 hours, coat or seal in 24 hours.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR,durable in dry and wet areas.
  • HIGH STRENGTH, 5000 psi (34 MPa) in 24 hours, 6500 psi (45 MPa) in 28 days.
  • High light reflectance enhances lighting.
  • Available in wide range of colours and a variety of textures.
  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Variable thicknesses for versatile application

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Making the Right Choice 👌

Delta ProFloor UK is the nationwide leader in installing flooring solutions for industrial, commercial, retail and residential customers. We work closely with you to determine the needs of your space and design a flooring solution that is tailored to your company’s needs. We are fully aware of the regulatory and industrial standards in place across the UK and ensure full compliance with those standards. We are proud of achieving lots of bespoke iconic polished concrete floors in London. Our work is noted for its quality and durability, and we are respected for our unique ability to respond and install industrial floors on short notice. Our teams of trained and well-equipped installers are available to work during holiday periods when facilities are in a planned shutdown period.

When it is time to think about a new flooring system for your facility, call Delta ProFloor UK 02081068999. We are a trusted and respected contractor that specializes in the custom design and installation of industrial floors for industrial facilities. We guarantee that we will provide the right floor for your needs.

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