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Meat Processing & abattoir Food factory Floor

Meat Processing & abattoir Food factory Floor

Meat processing and abattoir flooring are distinct and have special needs. The highest hygiene requirements include meat processing and abattoir installations. An unprotected floor of concrete would not help to fulfil these essential requirements for health and safety. For that reason, appropriate flooring is important to meat production.

Installing a polyurethane resin floor Advantages in a Meat processing area:

  • Hygienic & Seamless abattoir flooring
  • Easily cleanable abattoir floor up to 130 °C
  • High Abrasion Resistance, withstanding heavy loads
  • Can be laid on a slope to help drainage
  • Anti-slip floor in wet and dry working conditions
Meat Processing Flooring
Meat Processing Factory

The meat processing and food floors often are immerse in fluids, water, blood, fat, animal waste or chemical substances. Animal  Fat and proteins can attack and corrode untreated concrete due to their acidic high PH value nature. The foundation would then deteriorate and collapse. The screed floors of polyurethane are highly durable and have outstanding thermal safety with direct temperatures of up to 130 °C. The ability to be steam washing up to 130 °C allows for the destruction of all harmful bacteria without jeopardizing the integrity of the resin floor.

High Temperature

Polyurethane resin can be steam washing at temperatures up to 130 °C. This kills poisonous bacteria but does not damage the resin floor integrity. As a result of their smooth nature, resin screeds are ideal for abattoirs.

Chemical Protection

Chemical resistance is needing for Meat Processing Flooring. Animal fat and proteins, as well as daily cleaning and pest control chemicals. Can be acidic in a meat production environment, making Polyurethane resin flooring suitable.

Wet Factory Areas

Animal fats and proteins, as well as daily washing and additives, can be used in wet manufacturing areas in the meat processing industry. Polyurethane resin screeds have excellent slip resistance in damp conditions and can apply to falls to enable drainage, assisting in meeting high health and safety requirements.


Polyurethane resin screed systems are ideal as they offer a seamless finish, polyurethane resin can complementing by coving and render, to allow for a smooth transition from wall to a floor that does not support bacteria and microbial growth.

Hardwearing and Durability

Meat Processing Flooring is highly durable and long-lasting. Even under the harshest conditions. This commodity is the most durable on the market, design to survive damage, abrasion, and chemical spills. As a consequence, it’s ideal for all food factory flooring.

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