Industrial flooring London


Delta Profloor UK is one of the premier industrial flooring London companies, with a growing reputation for providing high-quality, heavy-duty resin and epoxy flooring.
Moreover, our knowledge and experience are essential in assisting you in finding the best solution for your unique needs, circumstances, and, most importantly, your budget.
Giving clients a properly analysed solution to satisfy their individual flooring requirements has been the foundation of our success.
For industrial, retail, warehouses, logistics firms, and commercial operations of all kinds, we install flooring systems. Also, in London, we have an installation team working on a regular basis. Throughout London, we install most industrial floor coatings and provide industrial floor repairs.
Furthermore, Delta Profloor UK feels pleased to provide a comprehensive customer service package that includes design, installation, and aftercare services. We are the specialists when it comes to epoxy flooring and resin flooring that demands an aesthetically pleasing finish, and we have a proven track record in delivering exceptional industrial flooring results.


Heavy Duty Resin Industrial Flooring

This type of flooring is exceptionally hard-wearing and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for food preparation spaces like kitchens. The durable wearing aggregates in this flooring guarantee that even worn areas retain their colour. It ensures that your floor looks as good as new for as long as possible. Impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance are all high in heavy-duty resin flooring.

Heavy Duty Resin Bound Epoxy Screeds

This odourless surface provides a level of hygiene unrivalled in the industry. Its constant smoothness makes it easy to clean and also making it perfect for locations that require a high level of cleanliness. This strong duty epoxy flooring’s surface is suitable for sectors like automobile workshops, food preparation rooms, or even an entrance lobby that will create a lasting impression on your customers.

Heavy Duty Cementitious

Heavy duty cementitious is the way to go if you want to restore a previous floor surface. This flooring system has a durable surface that is perfect for industrial environments or for levelling uneven floors. The surface dries quite quickly and is ready to use within 24 hours after installation.

Industrial Floor Coatings & Floor Seals

Epoxy and Polyurethane are the two types of floor treatments we offer. Both are solvent-free and, thanks to their strong, abrasion-resistant surfaces, are perfect for food preparation areas, labs, and warehouses. Delta Profloor UK also offers a choice of floor seals with anti-slip, attractive shiny or matt finishes, and anti-slip qualities.


Epoxy flooring solutions are ideal for offering any business a lively and spectacular aesthetic appearance. If you are looking for floor restoration solutions for your office, factory, storage facility, or retail store, this versatile choice will meet all your requirements. Epoxy resin floors can benefit a variety of businesses. Institutional structures, recreational complexes, storage and logistics areas, moist and dry handling regions, retail shops, restaurants, schools, and a variety of other structures are among them.


Because we continue to work with a number of highly recognised and well-known manufacturers in the business sector, Delta Profloor UK has a wealth of expertise with manufacturing and corporate flooring. We have a large client base from previous industrial flooring works. Also, we have upgraded our services to meet the needs of today’s industries as industrial floor installation professionals. We have flooring options that are suitable for almost any type of commercial environment. It combines the demand for a stylish appearance with exceptional durability and functionality.
Furthermore, for more information about our services, get in touch with us at 02081068999 or send us an email at

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