Flexible polyurethane resin Flooring (Liquid Vinyl)

Liquid Vinyl Flooring, also known as Flexible polyurethane resin, is quickly becoming a popular choice in a number of industry sectors, including industrial, commercial, residential and public, thanks to the system’s multi-functional features. One of the primary advantages of the liquid floor is that it reduces noise. The softened surface of the floor absorbs the sound of heavy footsteps due to its chemical composition, producing a calmer atmosphere. This is especially desired in high-traffic locations, as it reduces the noise of high-traffic places such as educational institutions and leisure facilities areas.

Polyrhythm resin epoxy floor

When a very hygienic, comfortable, easy-to-clean, and flexible floor is required, a liquid vinyl flooring is placed. This sort of cushioned flooring is made up of many layers of a flexible polyurethane resin that is flow applied after proper priming and surface preparation.

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✔ The surface is hygienic, simple to clean and sanitize
✔ Non-slip characteristics
✔ Scratch and wear resistance
✔ Acoustic absorption – ease of using Sound Options for Deafening -4 mm (16 dB) and 6 mm (16 dB) (20dB)
✔ Resistant to fire
✔ High-heeled shoes won’t hurt the floor.
✔ Resilience (the ability to rebound or recover after being stretched or compressed) combined with greater flexibility
✔ Cracking danger is reduced, and crack-bridging capacity is improved.
✔ Pleasant sensation underfoot.
✔ Comfort when walking or standing.

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